Top Laboratory Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Atlantis is the new state of art laboratory spectrometer for the best analysis and detection limit that allows evaluations of low concentrations even less than 1 ppm.
  • Atlantis is a simultaneous multi-channel spectrometer specifically designed to analyse solid metallic samples granting at the same time superior performance and easiness of use.
  • The robust aluminium mechanical optical system in optimised Paschen-Runge mount together with high constant internal temperature and pressure, allows the system to be independent from external environmental conditions.
  • S9 ATLANTIS optical system combines the specific advantages of both photomultiplier tubes and CMOS detector systems.
  • he software is very intuitive and “easy to use”. It assists the users in achieving their routine analysis efficiently and quickly. Automatic standardisation, network linking and remote control are some of the most important features. The auto diagnosis program can check continuously the status of the equipment.
  • Some of the most important features of the Atlantis Spectrometer:
    1. Enhanced analytical performances.
    2. Flexibility, stability and reliability Accuracy and reproducibility.
    3. High class certified standard calibration.
    4. High Energy Pre Spark (HEPS) source Controlled.
    5. High constant temperature and pressure optical system.
    6. Shorter analysis time.
    7. High range of metal analysis.
    8. Advanced software technology.
    9. Very intuitive software for unskilled operators.
    10. Advanced online service support.
    11. Continuous upgrade possibilities to increase productivity.

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