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NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a swiftly growing player in Analytical Instrumentation, representing top global brands exclusively in India. We prioritize employee growth through competitive compensation, ongoing international training, and collaborations with leading technology firms. Our focus is on long-term projects, transparent relationships with global partners and customers, and specialization in diverse research equipment.

Instrumentation Excellence Achieved?

NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing company in Analytical Instrumentation, representing renowned international brands like GNR Srl Italy, Madur Poland, ParteQ GmbH Germany, Lumex Limited Russia, and Thermal-Lube Canada exclusively in India. Our goal is to create an environment where employees can achieve their potential with good compensation, continuous international training, and collaboration with leading technology companies. We focus on long-term projects, building transparent relationships with foreign partners and customers, specializing in various research equipment.

  • Global Collaborations
  • Employee-Centric Approach
  • Market Leadership

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NB Instrument Pvt.Ltd.is one of the fastest growing company in the segment of Analytical Instrumentation.Our company cooperates with world-renowned companies such as M/s. GNR Srl Italy, M/s. Madur Poland, M/s. ParteQ GmbH Germany, and M/s. Lumex Limited Russia and M/s. Thermal-Lube, Canada for their entire range of products to Exclusively represent in India. Our goal is to build a company that has everything to ensure that employees of NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. can realize their potential, ambition and family goals, good compensation, continuous training in abroad of new technologies and diverse projects, ability to travel in the world and collaboration with world leading technology companies. In its commercial business, the company is focused on the implementation of long-term perspective projects and establishment of strong and transparent relationships with the foreign partner and customers.M/s. NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing enterprise, which specialized in various kinds of Research Equipment’s. The priority areas are as follows: sales / marketing and after sales services for analytical equipment, sales of spares parts & consumables of the machines/ equipment and rendering of services. The company is a leader on the market in India for high-tech equipment from leading world-renowned manufacturers. M/s. NB Instrument Private Limited is notable for its professional management, high standards of customer service, reliability and financial stability. To date, the company personnel numbers of people. Special attention is paid to the employee training and education.