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Atlantis is the new state of art laboratory spectrometer for the best analysis and detection limit that allows evaluations of low concentrations even less than 1 ppm


S5 Solaris Plus

Its an advanced CMOS based optical emission spectrometer for Metal Analysis. S5 SCP offers the perfect solution for Metal Analysis: reliability and accuracy in results, superior analytical performance, ease of use and attractive price.


S3 Minilab 300

Newest Spark Emission Spectrometer designed by GNR to celebrate its 30th year of operations. Nowadays Minilab instruments are ones of the smallest and lightest compact optical emission spectrometers available on the market with outstanding results


Electrogrinding Machine DS 300/2

GNR produce Electrogrinding Machine for preparation of spectrometer samples surface


Rotating Disc Electrode

Latest generation and most advanced version of the traditional Rotrode Emission Spectrometer, the perfect spectrometer for the in-service oil analysis laboratory.


Nano Particle Synthesizer NPS20

Nano Powder Synthesizer NPS20 is a turnkey bench-top flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) unit for nanoparticle synthesis at the research and early product development level.

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