DRMS Cordless

The Drilling Resistance Measurement System
  • The Drilling Resistance Measurement System (DRMS Cordless) is a useful portable tool that continuously measures the required force to drill a hole in the investigated material during all the testing process.
  • This parameter is called Drilling Resistance, and it can be measured by drilling a hole with a suitable drill bit (usually with a diamond tip) on many different materials, mainly natural stones, rocks, mortars and bricks.
  • The most important features of the DRMS Cordless are:
    1. The speed of rotation is established by the operator before drilling; the range is from 20 to 1000 rpm.
    2. The penetration rate is set by the operator before starting the test; the range is from 1 to 80 mm/min.
    3. Both rotational and penetration speeds are kept constant during drilling.
    4. Travel span (and consequently depth of analysis) from 0 to 50 mm.
    5. Diamond type drill bits: size range from 3 to 10 mm in diameter.

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