ICP5000 Dual View Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES)

  • The ICP5000 Dual View ICP system offers ultra-low level analysis by axial and radial view analysis at the same time thus allowing fast, precise analysis of complex matrices such as drinking waters, high concentrated brines, organics solvents to name but a few. The low standby power of the plasma minimises start up times and reduces gas consumption. The wide spectral range of the spectrometer, purged with either nitrogen or argon, allows the analysis of elements far into the UV.
  • 27.12 MHz Solid State, maintenance free, water cooled RF generator with a power output of 500-1600 Watts reacts to changes in plasma load, providing stable and consistent power supply into the plasma when switching between samples of high or varying matrix. The Coupling efficiency of ICP5000DV is better than 75%.
  • The ICP5000 Dual View ICP-OES Spectrometer with a focal length of 0.4m and a wavelength range of 160 - 900nm, is an Echelle Grating Spectrometer with a Prism which acts as a Cross Dispersion System allowing the simultaneous display of all spectral lines in a single exposure and the analysis of the complete spectrum in a compact area. The Spectrometer is Argon OR Nitrogen purged to allow the analysis of elements in the far UV such as Aluminium at 167nm. The detection system is a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) 1024 x1024 Pixels. (CCD Pixel Size 24 µm x 24µm). The detector is electrically cooled down to approx. -40°C region with a Triple Stage Peltier system, for superior and fast cooling providing lower dark current and noise. All pixels of the CCD feature Anti-Blooming Protection (ABP) for improved resolution and separation of simultaneous analytical peaks.
  • This high speed acquisition system provides for simultaneous Full- Spectrum reading and real-time single pixel sub- array monitoring allowing very fast analysis. The “on-board” Solid State RF Generator operates at a frequency of 27.12 MHz OR 40.68MHz and has a computer controlled forward power range of 800 – 1600 Watts (Standby Power of 500W to conserve and reduce argon consumption) with real time automatic tuning with stability better than 0.1%. Our recently added ICP-Cam provides a colour High Resolution continuous view of the Plasma in Real Time thus enabling the operator to ensure that the plasma is operating at its optimum even when handling ‘difficult’ samples. The plasma ignition and generator output is fully monitored via the ICP-Win Software. The instrument is available as standard with BOTH axial and radial views of the plasma. Thus providing an ICP Spectrometer that can be used for ultimate sensitivity and also offers maximum flexibility.
  • The sample introduction system is via a multi- channel (4 channel) 12 roller peristaltic pump (controlled via the software). A Demountable Torch which allows for fast alignment, cyclonic spray chamber and a concentric glass nebuliser are supplied as standard (Further options available on request).
  • The ICP5000DV is equipped with the option to use an additional gas - Oxygen which can be used for the analysis of organics and oils.

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