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NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing player in Analytical Instrumentation, exclusively representing global giants like M/s GNR s.r.l Italy and M/s PG Instruments UK in India. Committed to employee growth, we offer competitive compensation, international training, and collaborations with leading tech companies. Focused on long-term projects and transparent relationships, we lead the Indian market for high-tech equipment. Key areas include sales/marketing, after-sales services, and spare parts/consumables.

  • Fast-growing Analytical Instrumentation firm
  • Offer good compensation, international training
  • Build strong, transparent global relationships
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Atlantis is the new state of art laboratory spectrometer for the best analysis and detection limit that allows evaluations of low concentrations even less than 1 ppm


S5 Solaris Plus

Its an advanced CMOS based optical emission spectrometer for Metal Analysis. S5 SCP offers the perfect solution for Metal Analysis: reliability and accuracy in results, superior analytical performance, ease of use and attractive price.


S3 Minilab 300

Newest Spark Emission Spectrometer designed by GNR to celebrate its 30th year of operations. Nowadays Minilab instruments are ones of the smallest and lightest compact optical emission spectrometers available on the market with outstanding results


Rotating Disc Electrode

Latest generation and most advanced version of the traditional Rotrode Emission Spectrometer, the perfect spectrometer for the in-service oil analysis laboratory.


EAGLE 3000

EAGLE 3000 performs hardness testing with loads according to DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E10 for the Brinell test and allows the selection of test loads in a simple and immediate way.


Nano Particle Synthesizer NPS20

Nano Powder Synthesizer NPS20 is a turnkey bench-top flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) unit for nanoparticle synthesis at the research and early product development level.

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging company experiencing rapid growth in the Analytical Instrumentation segment. By partnering with globally recognized companies like M/s. GNR Srl Italy, M/s. Madur Poland, M/s. ParteQ GmbH Germany, M/s. Lumex Limited Russia, and M/s. Thermal-Lube, Canada, we exclusively represent their entire range of products in India. This collaboration ensures access to cutting-edge technologies and a diverse product range

Our goal is to create a conducive environment for employees to realize their potential, ambitions, and family goals. We offer competitive compensation, continuous training abroad on new technologies and diverse projects, global travel opportunities, and collaboration with world-leading technology companies. The emphasis is on building a company that supports the professional and personal growth of its employees.

NB Instrument Pvt. Ltd. focuses on long-term perspective projects and establishing strong, transparent relationships with foreign partners and customers in the commercial business. Specializing in various Research Equipment, our priority areas include sales/marketing and after-sales services for analytical equipment, spare parts and consumables sales, and service provision. As a market leader in India for high-tech equipment from renowned manufacturers, we are known for professional management, high customer service standards, reliability, and financial stability.


B – 2A, B – 3, Rakesh Deep Building 11, Gulmohar Commercial complex Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi – ( 110049 ), India