Portable Hardness Tester

Light force wireless portable hardness tester
  • Light force wireless portable hardness tester e-computest is a light force (5kgf) electronic hardness tester, which operates according to the Rockwell principle and allows the hardness of the entire range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to be measured without changing the indenter. Simply select the desired scale and place the base of the instrument on the surface to be tested, preparing the test area accordingly. The measurement is obtained by exerting a manual pressure of 5 kgf with immediate display of the detected hardness value. The e-computest portable hardness tester can operate in different positions and is equipped with various support bases, easily interchangeable to adapt to the different shapes of the samples to be measured. In the new version e-computest uses a tablet suitable for the industrial environment. The Android application offers the possibility of detecting, managing, sharing, archiving and printing data in a simple and immediate way. In addition, e-computest can be used with a stand, specifically designed to perform tests of all those pieces where support is required and of small samples..
  • Product Advantages:
    1. Portable miniaturised Rockwell hardness tester - On-site measurement of pieces of any size.
    2. Adjustable in all directions - Savings on handling and cutting costs.
    3. 1 diamond indenter for the entire range of metals - Speed and simplicity of the testing process.
    4. Testing is not affected by any yielding or bending - Reliable results in all test conditions.
    5. ACCREDIA certification (ILAC MRA-Mutual Recognition Arrangements) - Offers a competitive advantage in markets where certification is required.

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