Whole Grainanalyser

Premium Features

Infra LUM Whole Grain Analyzer is supplied with ready to use basic calibration for most of the applications. Upon customer’s request, the calibrations can be adapted for specific sets of samples, or new calibrations can be made.

A new technique for creating universal calibrations has been developed for the instrument. The state of the art Technique does not require large amount of samples to make robust, reliable, and transferable calibrations. In addition, commonly used and accepted multivariate techniques such as PLS (Partial Least Squares) and PCR(Principal Component Regression) are included in the software package.

Our service /application engineers carry out its installation and commissioning and demonstrate the operation of the instrument using the calibration samples. They also provide training of the customers in routine measurements.

The analyzer control and calculation are performed by external color LCD PC and the easy to use, menu driven SpectraLUM/Pro software. The PC dialog display serves as a user interface with interactive touch screen. Working in an open dialog form, the software allows a user not only to use existing calibration for carrying out analyses but also to develop new ones and to add data to existing calibration models.