Veracity XtremeXT250

Premium Features

  • The XT250 Pharmaceutical Screening System from Veracity Detection brings on-site, real-time verification within the reach of nearly any organization.
  • With the XT250 system, simply insert a pharmaceutical sample, push the START button, and materials are automatically verified.
  • Successfully verified materials result in simple PASSED results being displayed , while any detected defects will result in simple FAILED results displayed.
  • The XT250 system is based on patented technology, which combines the high penetration of x-rays with forensic analysis. Pharmaceuticals are authenticated by the XT250 by matching the test sample’s molecular structure against its standard.
  • The XT250 system’s superior penetration allows it to scan pharmaceutical product through its original sealed packaging.
  • All XT250 systems provide network capability to facilitate tracking, reporting, maintenance, software upgrades, and library expansion. Standard reporting or customized reporting is also supported. Warning messages, threshold settings, and alarm conditions can be configured to adapt to any customer need.
  • The system can be used stand alone or in conjunction with other layers of protection with Veracity Detection’s Pharma-Defender TM service offering.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
    • Authenticates Pharmaceutical Product
    • Verification at the molecular level
    • Detects Threats &Counterfeits
    • Contaminants
    • Missing & Sub-potent Active Ingredients
    • Other Adulterations
  • Networking Capabilities
  • The system is a self-contained stand alone unit or can be used in conjunction with other units to form a multipleunit company-wide solution.
  • All XT250 systems have the ability to be networked through our Secure PharmaNetwork (SPN) management software to facilitate in tracking, troubleshooting, reporting, and epedigree compliance.
  • This network provides secure data-sharing capabilities which also can be used for software updatesand signature library expansions