TX 2000

Premium Features

TX 2000 is the state of the art laboratory spectrometer for quantitative multi element trace analysis using principles of Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF).

TXRF, based on the same principles of traditional X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), minimizes or totally eliminates matrix effect, allows simoultaneius multi-element ultra-trace analysis and pushes the instrumental detection limit down to ppb range from sodium to plutonium.

TX 2000, equipped with an automatic primary beam switching system  (MoKa, WLa/Lb and bremsstrahlung 33 keV), a Silicon Drift Detector and an high power X-Ray Tube is the optimal solution for applications in environmentalm chemicals and nuclear fields.

TX 2000 Main Features

  • TXRF and EDXRF (traditional 45° geometry) spectroscopy in the same equipment.
  • Stepper motors with optical encoders ensure extremely precise angular values.
  • Automatic switching of primary beam (MoKa, WLa/Lb and bremsstrahlung 33 keV) using double anode Mo/W X-ray tube, based on innovative software. We select the energy required using an high reflectivity 80% (WLa/Lb/MoKa) multilayer. We can choose also other X-ray tubes and monochromatise the energy that you need.
  • Peltier-cooled Silicon Drift Detector with an energy resolution of 124eV FWHM@MnKa (shaping time 1 ms)
  • Minimal distance between the sample and the detector (mounted to the axis normal to the plane of the sample).
  • Instrumental detection limits for more than 50 elements below 10 pg.
  • Helium device to improve the detection limits for the light elements.
  • Excellent detection limits (ppt) for a wide range element
  • No matrix effect