Solaris CCD Plus

Premium Features

  • Solaris CCD Plus spectrometer is the right instrument which combines ease of using, reliability and accuracy in results.
  • Thanks to its reduced dimensions and to the quality of components, Solaris CCD Plus represents the ideal solution to be used in any working place: Office, Laboratory, Stock, Production. Solaris CCD Plus is available with different configurations, able to analyze any different kind of metal alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous ones.
  • Solaris CCD Plus (SCP) a perfect unit ableto cover multi-matrix analysis requests andat the same time granting the flexibility ofeasy upgrade for future needs.
  • It is very precise and has shortanalysis time, it represents a valid controlsystem of production in all the fields regardingmetal industry (primary alloys foundries, metal processing industries, mechanicalindustry) in any time during production cycle,in the case it is necessary to have a fastand accurate chemical analysis of material.
  • SCP is able to perform both trace’s analysisand day-to-day QC tests, the software MET32is a powerful program with an intuitive graphicuser-interface, supporting the operators andguiding them through the several phases oftests till the final printing of Analysis’ Certificate.
  • Check out brochure for detailed technical description .