Premium Features

  • Rotroil is an atomic emission spectrometer designed to determine the trace concentration in wear metals, polluting materials and additives in lubricating oils, transmission and refrigerating liquids.
  • Determination of such components is very important in order to be able to make preventive maintenance and avoid the mechanical parts to break while in motion. RotrOil using the traditional technique of rotating electrode sampling, employs the most modern technologies both for hardware and software.
  • The spectrometer is an highly precise and reliable product able to satisfy the demanding international rules as well as ASTM D6595-00
  • GNR RotrOil spectrometer is complaint to the ASTM D6595-00 standard test method for determination of wear metal and contaminants is used lubricating oils or used hydraulic fluids by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission Spectrometry.
  • RotrOil is the latest generation and most advanced version of the traditional Rotrode emission Spectrometer, thanks to the new compact design which makes is strong and reliable unit. Easy to be moved and transported to a different location where the analysis must be taken .
  • Key Features :
    • Rugged construction.
    • No gas required.
    • No sample preparation.
    • No special skills required.
    • Analysis in 30 seconds
    • Easy upgrade possibility.