Photon S

Premium Features

Photon S is madur’s most recent and most sophisticated apparatus.
It was created based on portable gas analyser – Photon. As its precursor it also uses NDIR gas sensors as the main measurement method – it can have 9 of them supplemented with 4 EC cells.
Along with power supply with control center and the most efficient gas dryer this modular CEMS system is available to mount in 19” open frame rack. It is tailored to a very specific demands of customer, what is possible thanks to lot of available extensions and add-ons.

Main features

Control module with power supply:

  • contains PC 104 computer with Windows CE operating system, that supervises the work of entire CEMS
  • 6.4” large, VGA (640×480) colourful display with touch-pad for results presentation and data input
  • RS232C and Ethernet ports for communication with PC computer
  • 3 bays for optional modules (available in the front or back of the analyser):
    • analogue outputs / inputs
    • digital outputs / inputs
    • relays output
    • Wi-Fi communication adapter
  • 2x USB port for peripherals (mice, keyboards)
  • calculation of combustion and related parameters
  • large SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage of measurement data
  • fits 19″ rack and (space needed – 4U)

Gas conditioner module:

  • equipped with heated hose with heated gas filter
  • large surface, fibre glass filters for removing dust, salt particles and soot
  • several versions of driers available – combination of NAFION® and Peltier exchangers
  • for NO-NDIR measurement – water reservoir and peristaltic pump for automatic control of NO channel’s damp
  • room for O2 paramagnetic sensor
  • fits 19″ rack and (space needed – 4U)

Measurement module:

  • thermal insulation and stabilisation of the NDIR sensors’ compartment
  • room for 9 NDIR sensors and 4 EC cells
  • NDIR sensors, each with its own thermal stabilisation (to 0.01°C)
  • double gas channel: the first “humid one” for NO-NDIR and the second, dry one for all other sensors
  • measurement of ambient and gas temperatures
  • measurement of atmospheric and differential pressures
  • measurement of chimney draft and flow velocity (with help of Pitot tube)
  • fits 19″ rack and (space needed – 4U)

Add-ons, tailored solutions (examples):

  • possibility to prepare overpressure version:
    • with secure, NPT 1/4” gas connectors
    • with option to perform leakage test of the entire device prior measurements
  • possibility to deliver with / without frame rack
  • possibility to exclude the display and PC-104 module from the power supply
  • possibility to adjust / implement special options to the device program


CEMS Photon S is tailored each time according to a specific requirements. Separate implementations may differ considerably in terms of construction. Especially gas connections may be present or not depending on individual configuration. Hereby pictures and drawings present device in an example configuration.