Premium Features

NanoPowder Synthesizer nps20 is a turnkey bench-top flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) unit for nanoparticle synthesis at the research and early product development level. nps20 has been designed for fast screening of the broad parameter space of material compositions and process conditions available in FSP synthesis to speed up nanomaterial development.

nps20 allows the production of a broad range of nanomaterialswithout major process changes or adjustments, including simple metal oxides (for example SiO2, TiO2 Al2O3), complex oxides (YSZ, CGO, ITO), carbonates, phosphates, titanates, noble metals, as well as nanocomposites (for example alumina-supported Pt), with a particle sizes of the order of 10 nm..

Main features:-
¨ Lab-scale flame spray reactor
¨ Low-pulsation syringe pump for
precise feeding of liquid precursor.
¨ 4 mass flow controllers for delivering
the process gases: dispersion
oxygen, supporting flame methane
and oxygen and optional sheath gas.
¨ Automatic flame ignition system.
¨ Flame detector.
¨ Integrated microprocessor and
electronic board for process control.
¨ Control software and communication
via RS 232.
¨ Glass fibre filter and dry rotary vane
vacuum pump for the collection of
product powders.
¨ Pressure and temperature gauges for
monitoring the filter status.