Metal Lab Plus

Premium Features

  • The new METAL LAB PLUS is the ideal solution for laboratory working station optical emission spectrometer.
  • It is worldwide acclaimed as one of the best laboratory instrument for chemical alloy analysis,It is the new version with multi-CCD optics, newest technical solutions and ergonomic design.
  • The new Metal Lab Plus is the result of30 years of experience in developing andmanufacturing optical spark emission spectrometers.It can be considered as a laboratorymetal analyser with improved analyticalperformances, high flexibility and easyto use.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality components,MLP was developed with multiplemetal base analysis in mind.It is well suitable for routine analysis in theprocess control, for monitoring in qualitycontrol as well as in research and developmentfor complicate or special analyticalneeds.
  • Internationally certified standards are usedduring the factory analytical set up to ensureaccurate calibration. The data is thenexamined along with precision and repeatabilitytest to ensure that the performanceis optimum for each application. For morecomplicate requirements a group of specialistscan help you to develop new analyticalmethods and to solve your needs.
  • A high performance PC programmable MultiFrequency Source unit ensures that completespark power stability is achieved allowinga significant increase in precisionand a reduction in analysis time.
  • Key features of the Metal Lab PlusSpectrometer:
    • High analytical performances
    • Flexibility, stability and reliability
    • Accuracy and reproducibility
    • High class certified standard calibration
    • High Energy Pre Spark (HEPS) source PCcontrolled
    • Shorter analysis time
    • High range of metal analysis
    • Advanced software technology
    • Very intuitive software for unskilled operators
    • Advanced service support
    • Continuous upgrade possibilities to increaseproductivity