APD 2000

Premium Features

developed by GNR

APD 2000 PRO diffractometer is an high power – Theta/2Theta – laboratory powder X-Ray Diffractometer equipped with all the most moder technical features which grant accuracy, precision, safety and easiness of use for XRD analysis of polycrystalline materials.

Thanks to a wide offer of configurations and accessories such as high-speed detector, scintillation counter, high-low temperature and humiduty chamber, secondary monochromator, spinner and multiple sample holder, APD 2000 PRO is a powerful tool for powder diffraction applications such as routinary qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, non-ambient analysis, structure solution and refinement, crystallite size and degree of crystallinity calculation.

  • High Speed Rate (1000°/min)
  • High Precision Angle Reproducibility (+/- 0.0001°)
  • Fast Measurement and Highly Reliable Data
  • Extremely precise angular values thanks to stepper motors with optical encoders
  • Easy to handle

APD 2000 PRO Key Features

  • Qualiltative and Quantitative Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
  • High Stability X-Ray generator through precision feedback control circuits
  • Automatic ramp of the high voltage and emission current to preset values
  • Ceramic X-Ray tubes with high reproducibility and stability of focus position
  • Microfocus tubes and policapillary collimators
  • Possibility of changing automatically from transmission to reflection mode
  • High precision, high speed goniometer controlled by optical encoders
  • Traditional, rotating, multi sample and capillary sample holders
  • Scintillation counters, silicon strip and energy dispersive detectors
  • Non-ambient analysis, low and high temperature chambers, humidity device